John Dramani Mahama approaches Akufo-Addo to protect the country from the chasm it is falling

John Dramani Mahama, Ex-leader of Ghana a few hours prior made a post on Facebook to honor the present laborers’ day festivity. In his post he said:

John Dramani Mahama

“Today is May Day, Workers Day.

Lamentably, in Ghana, we are going through intolerable difficulty and experiencing a steadily expanding typical cost for basic items.

Unexpectedly, an expansion in existing charges and presentation of new ones, and which produce results from today, May Day, is prompting steep ascents in the costs of fuel, food and each essential thing.

This will demolish the situation of residents much further. This is notwithstanding blackouts and lack of water in numerous homes, urban communities and districts.

On this May Day 2021, with difficulty set to deteriorate, I approach His Excellency President Nana Akufo-Addo to extend a hand of collaboration to all Ghanaians, ready to assume a part in safeguarding our dear country from the pit it is falling.

On this event of May Day, as I salute the enduring specialists of Ghana and all Ghanaians, let me additionally accept the open door to wish the President, Nana Akufo-Addo, well and urge him to take the actions expected to carry alleviation to enduring Ghanaians.

Furthermore, John Dramani Mahama energizes the President and his nearby partners to hold onto the event to make an air that is more lenient toward analysis and without terrorizing all together for the media, CSOs and people to unreservedly communicate and add to public talk.

We in the NDC stand prepared to have our influence in submitting valuable thoughts that will bring Ghana back onto a way of development and thriving.

Congenial Greetings on this May Day!

God favor our Homeland Ghana!”

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