FREE || Full steps to link your Ghana Card to your Health Insurance card

The National Health Insurance Authority as part of advancing its technological innovations to service all critical stakeholders has recently released the use of the Ghana Card for NHIS linkage and membership renewals to enable active members to access quality healthcare across all the credentialed Healthcare Facilities in Ghana.

The Ghana Card by the government is the primary Identity for all citizenry and is usable to conduct all legitimate transactions. In doing so, NHIA has factored it into the mobile authentication USSD to enable our credentialed Facilities to generate unique CCC and new Health Insurance Number (HIN) for the processing and submission of claims.

Health Insurance Numbers (HIN): In the process of successful authentication with Ghana Card number (GHA-XXXXXXX-X), apart from the 5-digit CCC, a new 8 or 10-digits Health Insurance Number shall uniquely be generated. Therefore both CCC and HIN are mandatory on the Claim Forms when submitting claims.


i. Dial *842#

ii. Select option 1 (Generate claims code)

iii. Select option 2 (GhanaCard)

iv. Enter the 13 digits Ghana card Pin-“GHA-XXXXXXXX-X” (without the hyphen)

v. Confirm the 13 digits Ghana card PIN-“GHA-XXXXXXXXX-X” ( without the hyphen)

vi. Press SEND

vii. Wait for response

Status: Active

CCC: 12345

HIN: 1234567890

Name: John Doe

DOB: 19/02/1974

Gender: Male

Start: 07/12/2020

End: 06/12/2021

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