Following a court order, GES takes over Achimota Preparatory School.

The Ghana Education Service has been granted permission to take over the running of Achimota Preparatory School by a court.

As a result, GES officials in the Okaikwei North District have locked the school.

According to GES, the court issued the order in March 2020.According to the Achimota School Ordinance No. 7 & 1948, the land on which the school sits was part of Achimota School Land, so the GES still said the school belonged to the government.The school’s Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) pledged in January 2020 to fight any effort by GES to take over the school.

According to the PTA, the school is a private enterprise, and the GES has no authority to take over a private body.The PTA claimed in a letter to Ms Monica Ankrah, the GES’s Regional Director at the time, that the GES had failed to provide any legal explanation, other than regulatory matters, why they would have to take over the management of another corporate entity registered and limited by guarantee.“On a whim, you display contempt for the students, workers, and their livelihood, and we deserve the right to protect our investment and integrity with any means available,” the PTA said.

Ms. Ankrah told the PTA that when the GES takes over, “all government policies applicable to public schools shall be extended to the management of the school.”Ms Ankrah’s comment was deemed grossly uninformed by the furious parents and teachers because the school was not a public school and “it is definitely not government policy to go about taking over private assets,” they said.

the Girls Guide, the Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research, University of Ghana, several interdenominational churches, a police station, private commercial businesses, private garages and other private residential and commercial building.The parents and teachers explained that the Achimota Golf Club operates on Achimota lands mostly as a commercial entity, but continues to occupy substantial portions of Achimota lands without any action from the Greater Accra Regional Director of Education, however, she has “resorted to concocting reasons to seize APS into government fold. This, we consider discriminatory for reasons that can only be described as unfounded.”The school has about 700 pupils and more than 50 employees.It was set up by expatriates in the colonial era for their children, staff of Achimota School and the University College of the Gold Coast.The expats bequeathed the school to the locals but GES said Achimota School granted a lease to APS in the 1960s to allow it to operate from the premises but that lease expired in 1970.

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