Sensitivity listened for a short time
Silenced in the thoughts of grief
Long before I realise
Come in me for the next
I never stood to rise

A friend in need is a friend indeed
But here’s a case
Where when you’re in need
There’s no one ready to sow that seed
You love your failure
Why are we made up of this much greed?

Now you want to know how much I gain
Seeing that I never failed
Forgetting all the pain
That I went through
which nearly drove me insane
Just to prove to you
I’m worth more in this life too !

Flipping the pages
Its been ages
The tears on our faces
Now wiped by joy to polish our feelings
I’m grateful to God for all the blessings
I never laid dead in all my endeavours

Graced in all diaries!

To anyone hating,
Enemies and those faking,
Sorry but you all look like scary monster babies!

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