My Press Conference Will Clear Lies Cooked By Mr. John Ntibreh-Hon. Gilbert Keklie

Following the tension in KEMA where the assembly passed a vote of no confidence in some workers of which Mr. John Ntibreh was part, many statements were made and names have been disclosed as involved in such acts tagged.

Hon. Kellie whose name found a way in the reports of Mr. John Ntibreh took his Facebook page as he assured populace of Keta that he will react to the ongoing lies cooked against him from the domain of Mr. John Ntibreh.

Beneath is what he posted on his handle;

My attention is drawn to that fact one Mr. John Ntibreh, the Economic Planning Officer of the Keta Municipal Assembly was on Jubilee Radio, Keta on April 29, 2021 and made some frivolous allegations against my person and some others just because the entire Keta Municipal Assembly of which I am a member representing the good people of Anlo Afiadenyigba Dziehe-Ablame Electoral Area passed a RESOLUTION (VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE AGAINST THEM) for the transfer of some front line officers from the Keta Municipal Assembly of which he was a member.

It must be on records that the CABAL formed by some of them brought the name of the assembly into a dispute and hence the decision by the assembly members to have them transferred, so I am not surprised he and cohorts are begging and crying for the media and public sympathy a wounded lions.

Whereas in accordance with Article 162(6) of the Ghana 1992 constitution, the same Jubilee Radio, Keta is mandated to publish my response to the allegations or give me the same platform to do same, I will choose to rather organise a nice press conference on Monday, May 3, 2021 at the Forecourt of the Keta Shopping Centre (9:00am sharp) to clear the air on the lies being cooked out there by Mr. John Ntibreh and his cohorts and further bring more revelations with facts and figures with authentic documents on why Mr. John Ntibreh and his cohorts must leave Keta Municipal Assembly for life.

It must be noted that sometime when people are determined to find faults for others for their own wrong doing, they can even accuse a tortoise of over speeding.

The media is accordingly invited.

Gilbert Korbla Keklie
Anlo Afiadenyigba

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