My Children Increase In Size Everyday-Mother Cries Out(video)

According to Afrimax’s narrative, their children were born normal, but they started to grow in size dramatically after a while.

According to the story shared by the woman, she said;

“My 5-year-old son was born naturally, but he has continued to grow in weight and height. He’s getting bigger every day. You can also stay with him for an hour and find that he has grown two kilograms. It gets so bad that he can’t even stand or walk. We must lift him to wherever he is headed.

He’s much too big to be lifted by one human. He’s the size of six children his age. He dislikes talking because his weight causes his throat to become obstructed, making it difficult for him to speak.

Our one-year-old son is also overweight. She’s about around the same weight as her brother. Neighbors have always teased me, claiming that I wouldn’t marry because I’m a curse. We’ve been to many hospitals, but no one has been diagnosed with an illness.

My son weighed 2.5 kilograms when he was born. He was a little infant. His life was relatively routine for the first month. However, between 6 and 9 months, things began to feel surreal. He began to gain weight day by day, eventually reaching a weight of 30 kilos (66 pounds). He is now 5 years old and weights more than 100 kilograms.

Watch the video below:

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