“Maame Water” took me and three companions to the hidden world – Hairdresser

A unidentified ex-stylist has described a stunning story of how the ocean goddess (Maame Water) took her and three of her companions to the marine world.

As per her, they went to the place of a client to who they went to deliver an assistance and the said worker took them there where three of her companions met their awkward passing.

She uncovered that they don’t have the foggiest idea what happened yet all they saw is their body in the marine world, adding that she was liberated and taken back to earth since she was fearless to make reference to Jesus’ name.

The stylist said the client’s name is Maame Water and they thought it was only an epithet, not knowing it’s really her name.

On how they went to the hidden world she uncovered that she was not the one but rather it was her senior who portrayed the episode to them saying that couple of moments after they began plaiting the woman’s hair, they wound up in the hidden world.

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