Against galamsey troop annihilates, burns 127 chanfangs, 9 excavators

The counter galamsey warriors sent by President Nana Akufo-Addo to stem the tide of illicit limited scope mining has obliterated around 127 changfans, nine excavators and a fuel siphon during their activities.

The ‘activity stop’ warriors additionally captured two Chinese galamseyers.

Talking about the activity, Defense Minister Dominic Nitiwul told writers at a public interview on Friday, 30 April 2021 that: “It is noticed that since the activity started on Wednesday, 28 April 2021 to Thursday, 29 April 29 2021, the soldiers have obliterated a decent arrangement of hardware including nine excavators, 127 changfans”.

“Moreover, the accompanying things have been seized and would be annihilated aside from things that will be utilized as displays in the court for arraignment: 8 by 24 plate batteries, one siphon activity weapon case, a generator, a Huawei telephone, a trimming tool machine, eight overcoats, fuel channels, non-resident Ghana cards, two boring hardware and two boots.”

“These things would be annihilated aside from what the police consider significant for their work for arraignment, in any case all that will be obliterated”, he said.

He said: “This activity will be led on all significant waterway and backwoods holds in all galamsey endemic locales all through the nation to tear them of unlawful mining exercises.”

“There will be aeronautical watches at where GAF has likewise cleared past. Equipped men would be approved to make a prompt move on any individual who gets back to these waterway bodies to take part in galamsey exercises.”

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