What You Should Never Tell Your Child

We understand our parents are the best things that has ever happened to us since their presence in our lives is unreplaceable. Our parents are more than happy to see us become great people in the future that’s why they’re always on us teaching us the right things to do and guiding us on the right path to follow. But sometimes in the process of delivering their services they go wrong sometimes to.
Let’s see Some four ways how parents go wrong;

  1. Not a planned child
    No matter how angry you are as a parent, one thing you should never forget is telling your child or kids they are not a planned child.
    Since telling them such heartbreaking issue will jeopardize their life. We must understand that children are gifts from God no matter the situation in which you bore them. Moreover you have to know that your child mental health is connected to their emotional development as well. Hence let’s detest from telling kids that they’re not a planned child.
  2. Discussing your financial status
    we understand that sometimes life can be so hard and so good as well. If you happen to be wealthy enough, that’s fine. And if you happen to bit have enough to support the family, that’s fine as well. There’s no need sharing such issues with your children. You might think telling them will make them behave or know how to spend money but when you think about it, it rather affects them in a negative way. For instance; when you tell your child or children that you can’t provide for them, they go to class thinking about it and they won’t be able to concentrate on what the teacher or lecturer is delivering.
  3. Don’t tell them the intimacy you have with your partner
    Some parents because they want to be so free with their children or because they what to have a calm environment around the home so that the children will be free to approach them with ay issues, they tend to share way too much with their children. Some parents try citing their sexual life with their young children of teenage years. With the idea that it will make them beware of certain things but that doesn’t mean you should share with them your personal sexual life. It can even make them bad children because they want to experience what you’re saying.
  4. Refrain from name calling
    Pet names are cool but what’s not cool is name calling. Some parents tag their children bad boys and bad girls because of a sour behavior they showed. We must understand that children are always looking up to is as parents hence we must be were of our utterances . We must try to always say or make positive comments and when they do something bad, we have to know how to say it in a more nice way so not to offend them as well. Because when u do, they might not learn what you’re teaching them through that name calling. Rather, they only keep in mind the name you’re calling them that they’re bad , they’re no good and they can never make it in life.

SOURCE: Abi writes

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