Things To Do If You Want Your Relationship To Be The Best

Entering into a relationship means you have agreed to stay committed to someone’s feeling and emotions. Not forgetting your own happiness in the relationship as well. That’s why we need to understand that relationship are not about passive agreements and merely spending time together; they are living, breathing entities. That’s why if you don’t actively take care of them they will suffer and die like a flower. Relationship needs more work – you need to put in more work;

  1. Say what you want
    See, we’re humans and no matter how close the person is to you, they can’t know all your needs when you don’t tell them. You may think they’re aware and their not doing it but that’s totally wrong. Your partner can’t guess your needs . You have to communicate it to them.
    Good communication cab do alot in a relationship,try it and you’ll see. When in relationships to, you need to let your partner know your fears. With that,they can help you.
  2. Touch each other more
    Interesting right? You need to always have some strong connection with your partner. But you can’t do that by only texting or talking. Sometimes you need to let them know you need them . Get intimate with them. Touching your partner could be a hug, tickling them , kissing and cuddling. It will make them have a sense of belonging. Trust me,they will love it and even love you more. But you need to be aware of what your partner doesn’t like as well. Perhaps her faith doesn’t allow her to do certain intimate courses.
  3. Have fun
    Relationships will be boring when there’s nothing funny or interesting about it. Sometimes you have to spice your relationship. You need to be creative. Think of what you can do to make you and your partner happy. If both of you like games; do it. If it’s a football match watch together. You can even draw a timetable to meet to do some fun acts like Truth or Dare , Dance moves or even singing together. You’ll enjoy it so much because you’re doing it with someone you love where you can feel free to make mistakes and be corrected. I bet you want to try this some time when you’re free with your partner.

SOURCE: Abi Write

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