SO SAD: Sad As Another Soldier Beaten Mercilessly With Sticks By Residents In Sunyani

It appears to be that a few group have not taken in any exercises about what Captain Major Mahama’s aggressors are going through this moment.

As indicated by credible Sunyani sources, an obscure individual revealed a telephone robbery issue to a solitary trooper, in spite of the way that this was not the appropriate game-plan.

The unidentified fighter endeavored to speak with the one who had taken the telephone being referred to, yet he got an ominous reaction.

As indicated by an onlooker, the one who was gotten on camera beating the fighter with a piece of wood had a long history of awful conduct around there, incorporating fathering four youngsters with various ladies.

Two fighters were included, however one of them fled and was almost wrecked by a passing truck.

In a basic evaluation, the man’s appearance shows that he isn’t of sound brain, as he has lost his shirt and has wild hair. A typical individual doesn’t without any help hazard the existence of a military staff visible to everyone under ordinary conditions.

Individuals were there, yet the extremely least they could do was unwind and watch like they were watching a conflict film.

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