Kwaku Bonsam responds to Nana Agradaa’s apology

Nana Kwaku Bonsam a notable Ghanaian witch specialist and interest cleric has portrayed obsession priestess Nana Agradaa’s demonstration of setting her divine beings ablaze as a trick.

As indicated by him, she just consumed the antiquities since she got them from craftsmanship focus in Accra and they were no incredible divine beings like individuals are thought.

In a meeting with Rev Nyansa Boakwa on Happy 98.9 FM’s NsemPii he said, “Every one of the things she consumed convey no force except for they are simply wood carvings. Indeed, even the coverall she wears is phony and has no force in it too. There are a few frocks once you wear them, you feel a solid force come over you and everybody around you knows immediately that there’s a solid force on the planet yet, that isn’t the sort she wears”.

He proceeded to say that Nana Agradaa doesn’t have any forces since, supposing that she truly did she would not have had the option to consume what she asserts were divine beings “If truly what she consumed were divine beings I don’t think she’ll in any case be alive at this point”.

He added, “I like her however truth is, Agradaa is phony and has consistently been phony. Have you at any point seen me with guardians previously? In any case, she was consistently with protectors we actually acknowledged her”.

Kwaku Bonsam referenced that he doesn’t object to her abrupt difference in character from an obsession priestess to an evangelist yet the lone issue he has with her is, “Assuming she guarantees she’s changed and has acknowledged Christ, she should discount all that she took from destitute individuals since she took them in an incorrect manner”.

He added that, he sees everything going on as dismal on the grounds that, “Notwithstanding anything at all I can check around 25 individuals who are casualties of Agradaa’s false demonstrations that came to me for me to deal with or give cash”.

Nana Agradaa was into the matter of cheating individuals through cash multiplying which as of late drew the consideration of the NCA and proceeded to boycott all ad of such exercises on TV delivering individuals who are into such exercises jobless.

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