Akuapem Poloo shows the face of her biological father for the first time (Photo)

Born Rosemond Alade Brown, Akuapem Poloo has for the first time shown the face of her handsome looking father.

Amid her court case, the only person who got the massive wave, granting interview upon interviews was Akuapem Poloo’s mother, Auntie Lydia.

Questions were raised by some ‘social media Anases’ about the whereabouts of the biological father of Akuapem Poloo. He went silent over his daughter’s issue.

Though the actress herself takes much pride to flaunt her mother on social media instead of her father, netizens still were concerned about her father.

Well, as you wanted to see so you have it. Poloo has shared a beautiful photo of her father. His name is Mr. Alade Daniel.

See the photo below;

Akuapem Poloo father

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