Which Gender Is More Complex To Deal With. Men Or Women?

Humans can be difficult to understand sometimes. Women are no exceptions since their being itself is complicated. God as a Potter made man out of woman . And that alone is complicated if you’d ask me. In as much as women will like to disagree with this, here are various ways where women are more complicated than men;

  1. Analytical
    Women are complicated because they are the problem solving type. They always want to arrive at an answer that’s why they will always want to know the “why’s and what’s” . They are very particular about details, unlike men who are more direct – well, most men at least.
  2. Woman
    women are more complicated because they’re women. Their being is so complicated in nature which the Bible can attest to that when God himself made woman out man.

Women in general want to be treated as Queens. They want to be pampered. They like that gentle feeling of fondness ,caring and liking. That’s why women find compliment so important. The simple I’m crazy about you, you look good today , you’re my dream come through are some of the simple but deep compliments that express a man’s feeling for the lady which women like so much.

  1. Women are in charge.
    It may not look like but it is the fact. Women are always in ,charge. They’re fond of taking the lead role all the time though it may not look like they’re. They want to be heard, they feel powerful because they are powerful.
  2. Women are more sensitive
    This will schock you. Women pay attention to details alot. They are quick to detect or respond to slight changes, signals, or influences. Women display a a deliberate expression of others’ feelings.

If you’re not convinced, let us know in the comments section which gender you think is more complicated.

SOURCE: Abi Writes

2 thoughts on “Which Gender Is More Complex To Deal With. Men Or Women?

  1. Women are really complicated 😫 don’t try stressing urself as a man 👨

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