Video: Yaw Tog Causes Brouhaha In Front Of A Senior High School

The amount of energy that Ghanaian fast growing Hip Hop star Yaw Tog brings with him wherever he goes is increasing by the day.

Yaw Tog appears to have a major impact on his peers and the youth in general after breaking through the music scene with his hit single “Sore” in 2020.

He recently paid a visit to his senior high school, Opoku Ware School, where he was shown genuine affection. Yaw Tog was seen on top of a motorcycle, with his schoolmates hailing him from below for cementing his place in the music industry.

It’s no secret that the majority of the rapper’s “die hard” fans are students at the country’s various second-cycle schools, as shown by his appearance at an Ashanti secondary school.

The school’s security stopped the rapper and his crew from entering the school, but that didn’t stop students from jamming to the song “Sore” while standing on the other side of the school entrance.

Watch the video below;

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