Meet The Man Who Woke Up As A Woman After Breaking Up With His Girlfriend (Video)

Many people are fascinated by the bizarre story of a man who reported to have gone to bed as a man but woke up with a female sex organ.

He claims he broke up with his girlfriend due to a misunderstanding, and he has no idea what happened to his body that night before waking up as a woman. “I slept as a man and woke up a woman just one day after a breakup,” the man told Afrimax English.

He said that he was born male and that on the night of the divorce, he went to bed with a male organ only to wake up feeling strange.

Along with his manhood, he produced a female gland, but the female one was involved while the male one was not.

He went on to describe how he raised an alarm, which led to the summoning of several fetish priests to investigate the situation before being told that he had been bewitched by his ex-lover.

The man-turned-woman has begun to dress and act like a woman, complete with make-up and skirts.

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