Barcelona is said to have won a debt delay, and the club will soon have more financial freedom.

According to Bloomberg, some of Barcelona’s debt terms have been loosened.The club will be able to’remove financial cost caps’ thanks to a group of European investors, according to the source, who cites Barca’s press office.

Since Barca now has some financial flexibility, it’s likely that the club can make major sporting decisions such as extending Leo Messi’s contract or signing a top player.Barca was forced to enter the European Super League due to financial difficulties.

According to Mundo Deportivo, Barcelona president Joan Laporta has fired CEO Oscar Grau.Josep Maria Bartomeu, the former president of Spain, named Grau in 2016.During the raid on the Barca Cooper office in March, the outgoing CEO was said to have been arrested alongside Bartomeu.Ferran Reverter, who was named by Laporta, will now take over as Grau’s replacement.

According to Elchiringuito TV, Barcelona president Joan Laporta is closing in on a massive €500 million sponsorship deal that will allow the club to meet Lionel Messi’s financial demands as well as sign Neymar from PSG.The deal’s specifics are still unknown at this time since the source did not mention them.Barcelona’s financial situation is grim, with the club owing €1 billion in debt. Nonetheless, Laporta is adamant about not letting that deter him from restoring Barcelona’s status as a Champions League title contender.In recent weeks, Neymar’s name has been strongly linked to Barcelona, with the club’s president saying that he “likes” the winger. Meanwhile, Messi is nearing the end of his Barca deal, though PSG continues to pursue him. According to reports, the Parisians have proposed a massive deal for Barca’s manager.

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