Ask Yourself These Questions If You Really Want To Become The Best Version Of Yourself

Most often than not, we tend to forget ourselves as in who we are. Due to that, we miss our path and the good things that we may experience in life. Unfortunately, life becomes challenging because of our own carelessness. But the good news is that I have hereafter several reading and research some of the questions we can or we need to ask ourselves….

  1. Am I where I want to be?
    As simple as it may sound, it’s deeper if we take time to analyze this question very well. Because we’re humans, our nature is such that sometimes we become too comfortable with what we get. And it saddens my heart to see people who would have been at the Apex of life … when I say Apex I mean achieving greater heights. But then because maybe w
    they have gotten what they planned for, they settle for it. like that’s so bad if you’d ask me.
    Thank God for this piece of writing, you be impacted.
  2. Am I holding myself to impossible standards?
    We set too many unreasonable goals.
    No one’s saying you shouldn’t set goals. The question is, the goal you’re setting; how beneficial is it to you. You shouldn’t exaggerate too much about it. just be simple and up to the task and trust me, you’d achieve it and even better things you thought you didn’t need.
  3. Are my goals what I really want?
    This is another simple but deep question we need to ask ourselves. In recent times, people are led by the crowd. Which is sad. They follow the crowd in every decision about their lives. Be it their relationship, their work, their studies am, their culture, and many other surprising ones like religion. Because my friend doesn’t go to church, I will all not go because I equally have important things doing like her… like how?. Don’t be a people pleaser!!! it can kill you, kill your instincts and your self-confidence.

Let us know in the comments section what other questions we need to ask ourselves if we really want to be the best version of ourselves.

SOURCE: Abi Writes

One thought on “Ask Yourself These Questions If You Really Want To Become The Best Version Of Yourself

  1. Do dreaming big holds one back
    Referring to “holding onto impossible standards

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