WATCH Wild Atopa Pose Photos Of The New Challenge Currently Trending

CONAS GH has seen some photos on Social media which suggest that a new challenge has emerged.

This has attracted much attention and also generates mixed reactions from users who read lots of meaning into it. Could this be dumsor?, something we our portal cannot really tell.

Well, we cannot establish what actually called for such a challenge on the information super highway.

But you could recall the Charlie Charlie challenge and many others that once went viral on social media came as a result of some incidents, which this very one not far from.

There’s a new challenge that’s currently trending, to do this challenge, someone would bend down and act like they’re trying to blow breeze into a flame.

Hilarious photos of this new challenge are causing reactions on social media, a lady who recently participated in the challenge has been declared a winner by many social media users as her post seems to gather some of the highest engagements so far.

So far I haven’t discovered any particular given name for this challenge so I gave it “blow fire” as someone has to pretend like they’re blowing breeze into a fire.

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