How To Be Reading and Receiving Your Lover’s or Friend’s WhatsApp Messages On Your Phone. Catch Your Cheating Girlfriend!

Whatsapp messeger is an application which is used by almost 70% of the population in the world as a means of communication.

It is a very nice and easy app to use as it allows people to send pictures, music, video calls and share their current status. We all have it in our phones.

It has also became a tool of distraction in most marriges as couple dont trust their partners with it. At times it makes you feel like my partner is cheating on you and you want to see whatever is happening on his chat list.

Read Lovers Whatsapp Messages From Your Phone
Today am going to show you how you can read your partner’s Whatsapp messages on your phone.

  1. Download whatsapp scan on your computer.
  1. This helps you to receive messages on two devices which is your phone and laptop.
  1. Follow the instructions on the application
  2. Scan your partner’s phone to receive messages on both phone and computer

This will give you all the messages your partner has been receiving and posting anytime.

Try it but mind not to spoil your trust because many people have lost trust because of this application.

Be safe and drop comments on the box below

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