A Blind Man R.apes Beautiful Curvy Niece, This Is How He Did It

A blind man from Mutanha Village under Chief Murinye has supposedly raped his niece, 15years old, after they slept together on the same bed, with same blankets too.

The reports claimed that at some point in March 2021, Alexander Mubaiwa, 41 years, covered her niece with blankets while they were in bed together and molested her against her will.

According to the information gathered, he told the victim to rest very close to him in light of the fact that different kids sleeping there were bedwetting.

He at that point allegedly raped the young lady and threatened her not to unveiled the occurrence to anybody else he will harm her.

He raped her for the second time again in September where the blind man called the victim into his room and raped her.

There are additionally reports that the suspect began assaulting and molesting the little girl since she was in Grade 5.

The offense was found by the little girls mom when she was bathing with her girl and realised something off with her reproductive organs. She cross examined the little girl who uncovered what has been occurring between her and the blind man.

A report was made at Nemanwa Police on April 15, 2021, and the clinical outcomes showed that the complainant was raped.

Mubaiwa showed up before Regional Magistrate Bishard Chineka on Thursday a week ago, pleading guilty to two tallies of rape and he is likely to face jail term and spend atleast 8years in prison.

His lawyer for the case is claiming his client is innocent because his client is HIV positive and the complainant isn’ t, shows that he never engaged in any naughty relations with her.

The police are still investigating the crime and hope the case will be finalized by the end on this week.

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