5 Best Sex Positions You Need To Know With Images

In relationship, sex is one of the major things that makes relationship stable. When there is poor sex in a relationship it mostly lead to break ups. There are many sex positions that help boost your sex life in a relationship. Here, we will show you the best five of these positions.

Doggy Style

In this position, the girl bend on her knees, hands on the ground with the buttocks up. The man will be behind her and hit her from the back.


The man will be on top of the lady while the lady will sleep on her back with her legs stretched. This position makes it easy for penetration.

Cow girl

This is the perfect position for easy squirting. The man lies fat and the lady sit on top and ride.

The snake position

The lady lie on her belly at this time for this particular position. Her hips are raised a little bit so that the man will be able to insert and hit on her top. Sometimes pillows are used to support the hips during this position.

The G-Whiz position

This position helps locate the G-spot for quick orgasm. The lady lies on her back with both her legs lifted to the shoulder of the man in this position.

Try these positions so that it can boost your sex life and save your relationships too.

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