27-Year-Old Woman Arrested For Parting Husband’s Neck With Cutlass

A report gathered has it that the couple were fighting over housekeeping money and according to eye witness, an exchange of harsh words was heard .

The woman, Mrs. Mary Quaye, popularly known as Obaa Yaa was demanding housekeeping money but the husband insisted that he will provide it when he comes back from work.

This ensued misunderstanding between them leading to Obaa Yaa striking the Cutlass on Mr. Abraham Acquah, her 30yr old husband.

The Cutlass left wound on her husband’s neck which has multiple deep cuts in his left jaw and shoulders. He was admitted to the Agona Duakwa hospital on Monday 26th April around 4:30.

Neighbors said they used to leave peacefully before the sad incidence.

Some residents also lamented that, before the incidents happened, they were staying peacefully without trouble, so they don’t actually know whether they were actually fighting over housekeeping money or not.

The Central region police has begun an investigation on the matter.

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