Who Slays Best In the Swim Suits? Regina Daniels, Mercy Aigbe and Destiny Etiko

One special thing about the movie industry is that it is filled with a lot of fashionistas or otherwise called fashion models. This is why it is an interesting industry filled with interesting people. This is why as fans we tend to compare them to do some sort of competition between the celebrities that we like. We might think a particular celebrity is the most fashionable but when we see another Celebrity we might be tempted to withdraw our claims.

So in this article, I am going to do a comparison between three of these actress mentioned in the title putting on swimsuits and allow you to pick the star you think looks more stunning on the outfits.

First of all, I will slowly take them one by one

  1. Regina Daniels

This is another special actress that also looks wonderful in any outfit. She is also a wonderful actress and one of the best young actresses in Nigeria today. She is also a perfect competitor in this competition. So here are her photos of swimsuits.

  1. Mercy Aigbe

Mercy Aigbe is a really beautiful actress that honestly looks good in any outfit. She is also a wonderful actress that is good at playing her roles well in movies. Here are some of her lovely photos on swimsuits.

  1. Destiny Etiko

Destiny Etiko is no doubt a beautiful lady that looks good on any Attires. She is also very good at acting in movies and she is one of the best the movie industry has. So she is a perfect competitor in this article, here are some of her lovely photos on swimsuits.

Now you have seen their photos and compared them, who exactly do you think slays best in the outfit. Is it Regina Daniels? Or is it Mercy Aigbe? Or is it Destiny Etiko?


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