Nana Agrada admitted to GHC500,000 the self-recognizance bail.

Nana Agrada has been operating on two TV stations thus, Thunder TV and Ice TV stations without license.

Nana Agrada has therefore admitted to the 500k recognizance bail in the Accra Circuit court.

She has been operating and using charlantic adverts on both stations without license for a long period but she denied the charges.

As paid of the bail conditions, Nana Agrada was also ordered by the Accra Circuit court presided by Justice Emmanuel Essandoh,to deposit her passport at the registry.

She is expected to reappear in the court on May 12,2021.After the court proceedings, she has been whisked by another matter.

Nana Agrada was arrested alongside with some of her workers by the Police and National security agency.

Nana Agrada is said to have been advertising her “Zika Gari” on the Television channel that she claims is her personal god that multiplies money for her.

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