Life is Harder for Career Driven Women


A Nigerian mother Onyedikachi -Nwalozie Marlene Ijeoma has narrated how she has at different times in her life have to juggle between being a mother and a career woman. Ijeoma said she wrote her Post Graduate on Friday, April, 23 while attending to her baby at the same time. The strong woman revealed that all attempts to make her baby stop crying failed until she gave him food. Ijeoma on Saturday, April 24, narrated the hard task she went through while writing her exams. She revealed that after the father had tried so hard to calm the child down with various dance steps, he had to give the baby to the invigilator who brought him to her. The mother said that people often believe that mothers have the ultimate solution to make babies stop crying. As the solution to make the child stop disturbing, the woman had to breastfeed the baby and stayed in that position for 2 hours throughout the duration she wrote the paper. She also said that she has to go through the same thing when she was writing her master’s exams in 2016, saying she hopes she wouldn’t have to do the same thing for her PhD.
However, in a Facebook post, she narrated again, “that was me yesterday writing my Post Graduate Degree in education examination. My son cried so hard that his father had to submit him after he had exhausted all dance steps and songs to make him stop crying to no avail. The invigilator had to bring the baby to me to do whatever I have to quieten him. They believe that a mother always have the magic to make a crying baby stop. I was grateful because his wailing won’t let me remember anything. I thought he was going to die crying like that for whatever reason. Thank God for breast. Immediately I put him to breast, he let out a long breath and stopped crying. This is how we stayed for 2 hours until I finished exams. Reminded me of 2016 when I had to hold my daughter in one arm while writing my MSc examinations. I am happy I wouldn’t be holding any baby for PhD examinations coming up soon (if there be any exam). This life is harder for a career driven woman”.


You don’t necessarily have to reach your peak in life before having babies because at the end of it all you will surely have babies and with determination and perseverance, you can achieve anything in this journey of life.

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