NDC has no choice except for to work with the EC – Dr Samuel Agu-Gyamfi

Top of the Political Science Department at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) Dr Samuel Agu-Gyamfi has said that the fundamental resistance National Democratic Congress (NDC) has no choice except for to work with the Electoral Commission (EC).

Then again, he said, the decisions the board body should likewise give a listening ear to the issues raised by the gatherings and address them.

His remarks come after the NDC boycotted the Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) meeting a week ago.

The IPAC is a gathering for the different ideological groups in Ghana and the EC to exchange on appropriate issues influencing the gatherings and the EC, and how to arrive at an agreement on the most proficient method to cure such deficiencies for a vote based, free and reasonable decisions.

In any case, the principle resistance NDC boycotted the discussion clarifying in an articulation that “The NDC has completely inspected the questionable job the Jean Mensah-drove Electoral Commission played in the gear of the 2020 general Elections.”

The assertion added “Pushing ahead, the gathering will survey its functioning relationship with the electing the board body and find proper ways to hinder the apparatus of any future Elections in the country.”

However, Dr Adu-Gyamfi said on the Key Points on TV3 Saturday April 24 that “The NDC has no choice except for to work with the EC, the EC has no alternative except for to work with the NDC.”

He further told protest have Roland Walker that “There ought to be that premise of compatibility between the gatherings and the EC, they ought to be believed to be cooperating to assemble our majority rules system. The NDC should be believed to be working intimately with the EC to give us the result that we need.

“The Commission should have a listening ear, should decide in favor alert than being flurry in getting things done.”

As far as concerns him, the Vice Presidential Candidate to the Independent Candidate in a year ago’s decisions, Jacob Osei Yeboah (JOY) said that the Chair of the Electoral Commission (EC) Mrs Jean Adukwei Mensah is skilled and a point by point individual.

Satisfaction said that he hosts been important for the Inter-Gathering Advisory Committee for quite a long time and has had a nearby working relationship with Mrs Jean Mensah, consequently can vouch for her fitness.

He revealed to Roland Walker that the cases of the principle resistance National Democratic Congress (NDC) against the Chair of the EC bears a resemblance to underhandedness.

“Actually, that lady is extremely nitty gritty and skillful. That lady has truly plunked down, comprehended the tasks of the Electoral Commission opposite the sacred order and has created the CI 127.

“In light of that you could see that in every one of these political decision related issues the EC figured out how to move its way without being flawed. Frankly with you I have been essential for IPAC and on the off chance that anyone reveals to me that the NDC today is considerably more able and more educated about appointive issues however what I have seen is that their just being naughty.

“They know the truth and they will come and say something and afterward unconsciously those of us outside without having legitimate arrangement will kindle energy in us.”

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