John Dramani Mahama remains imposing for NDC – Afriyie Ankrah

Director of Elections for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Elvis Afriyie Ankrah says the party’s former leader, John Dramani Mahama, cannot be by-passed in any decision-making or activity of the party.

He says Mr Mahama’s influence, stature, and what he has done for the country, at large, is not anything to keep under the carpet.

In an exclusive interview with Media General‘s Roland Walker in his office, Mr Afriyie Ankrah, who at a point served as Minister of Youth and Sports during the presidency of John Mahama, said when it comes to the flagbearership race for 2024, a blind eye should not be cast on the former president.

“As to [the] flagbearership [race], first of all, the former president is a formidable personality in the party,” Mr Afriyie Ankrah emphasised.

“He is the only living ex-president for us and so his influence, what he has done for this country, his stature, you cannot deny that, you cannot throw that away. Whichever way it is he remains a very formidable persona in the party.”

Mr Mahama has led NDC to two defeats – 2016 and 2020 – despite securing victory in 2012 for the party after taking over six months to the poll.

Already, there are agitations by some members of the party – the cadres to be precise – for an introspection following the defeat in last year’s elections.

A retreat was also held in Ho by executives of the party on the way forward.

To Mr Afriyie Ankrah, it is important any discussion on the December 7, 2020 elections must be put in proper context as there were “machinations” on the part of the ruling government against the NDC.

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