Cut Soap For Me! Cut Soap For Me!! Sakawa Boy Runs Mad After Using Soap

Cut soap for me! cut soap for me. When you say this statement to people who seem to have made it in life, you are actually asking the to show you the way. I mean to tell you the steps they followed so you could do the same. But this is a story of a yahoo boy who used an actual soap gotten from a ritualist just for the purpose of getting rich quick.

In this art I will tell you exactly what happened to him after he used the devilish soap.

Yes, he is a yahoo boy and he is simply known as Abioal. It was gathered that he ran mad after bathing with the spiritual soap in Owo Comunal area of Ondo State.

He can be seen roaming erratically down the street while wearing only white underpants, according to a video dropped by on Instagram.

A woman who claims to be his aunty could be heard repeatedly shouting his name, trying to remind him of his previous attempts which lead to his present position.

His aunty added that he is a politician and they tried to help him the mast time something similar happened but now he has finally wasted his life. Just for the sake of money he took the risk of running mad.

Subsequent to that, the people around requested for a rope so they could tie him down in order for him to stop wondering around. See where his life jas ended by tied down like a mad dog, being looked down on the community because you are now mad. No matter what he does from then it will not change the story.

Guys please you need to focus your energy on things that are legit in order for you to avoid premium tears VVIP.

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