Akuapem Poloo’s public interview absolutely pointless – Showbiz critic

Radio Presenter Vida Adutwumwaa Boateng has questioned the rationale behind embattled socialite Akuapem Poloo’s need to address the media after her release from jail on the condition of bail.

The Showbiz critic says it was totally unnecessary for her to do such.

She stated these in an interview with Chrystal Kwame-Aryee on Simply Showbiz on TV3 Saturday, April 24.

Reacting to the news that the embattled socialite, real name Rosemond Alade Brown, will address the media on her recent brush with the law, Ms. Boateng said, “I have seen a notice and she says that she is having a press conference and I’m asking myself: for what? I mean I don’t understand, I think that maybe there’s a confusion about what her craft is, and that is feeding into some of the actions that she takes.”

“I’ve seen some people hail her for appearing in news portals abroad and they’re like, well we didn’t know she was this big, even this offence features in newspapers abroad and these are people around her and you hail her for such a thing and now she’s coming to do another press conference. She did a Thank You speech before being sentenced and I ask myself: what are you thanking the people for? Is it for support for doing something that is not lawfully right? I don’t understand.

“Now I don’t know what she is going to say. . .but this is totally unnecessary because the issue is still in court. Maybe she doesn’t understand what is going on but what it is is that you’re temporarily free. There is a tendency that the appeal could be turned down and you’ll go back to serve your 90-day sentence. What exactly is she going to say at this press conference, what is she going to say? I wish the manager was here, I’m really heated up for the manager.”

On his part, showbiz critic Ricky Tennyson disagreed with Ms. Boateng, saying she was jumping the gun too quickly with regard to what Poloo has to address to the media.

“But I think Vida is jumping the gun too quickly because until you hear what she has to say, it will be too early to be thinking what she has to say. We understand who Akuapem Poloo is, from her teenage it’s been clear that she’d always wanted fame, she’s always been clamouring for attention and all of that but at this stage in her life, probably she needs this because she’s never got this support from the industry ever, in her career and she understands. If you follow, you’ll get to understand even her lawyer, who came out to say that she’s strong at this point because of the love and support she realized the industry is giving her until we listen to what she has to say, you know we shouldn’t be too quick to begin to already, you know slate her.”

Later in the day, Akuapem Poloo addressed the press and thanked key personalities for supporting her.

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