How often do you take Ginger? Check out the health benefits of taking Ginger.

Generally we all know how useful fruits and vegetables are to us. We are advised to eat fruits as often as possible but did you also know that certain food spices also have many health benefits?

Ginger is one of these spices but a lot of people don’t know how beneficial it is to our body. Ginger is not only tasty or bitter but it also has a lot of vitamins & minerals as well. Its therefore not surprising that it has a long medicinal history which a lot of people acknowledge. Below are a few health benefits of Ginger you should know.

Prevents Bacterial Growth : Ginger helps you to ward off germs and also slows down the growth of bacteria such as Shigella etc. It also helps reduce or cure swelling; all you need to do is squeeze and rub it on affected area.

It can support Immune system: Do you know why Ginger is that spicy? This due to the presence of gingerol a compound which has antioxidant properties to help your immune system. Try sipping ginger tea or a gingery salad dressing for a quickie health boost.

Can help treat chronic indigestion: Ginger appears to speed up emptying of the stomach, which can be beneficial for people with indigestion and related stomach discomfort.

Good for the skin: Although ginger might cause irritation on the body of some people, its probably safe when applied on the skin. This doesn’t only relief you from body pains but gives you a clear skin. Further studies say that ginger can cure skin cancer, liver cancer etc but this haven’t been proven yet.

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