TSAF: MOANING( How It Affects Your Sex Life)

Mmmm…uuhhh…oohhh…yeah..right there!! We mentioned this before right? Communication! Moaning, whether mmmmm, uhhh, hee-haw or woof woof 🐶 is a form of communication during sex, provided it is authentic. 

Moaning is a wordless form of saying “baby, you’re doing this right, sugar keep doing that or oh babe that doesn’t feel so good.” It is a much less uncomfortable or less embarrassing way of admitting you love something or expressing your dissatisfaction towards another thing.


Now let’s get this right. Not everybody is a vocal moaner. Some people are silent moaners but no matter who you are, you moan one way or another during sex. 

Imagine being in heels the entire day and at the end of the day you finally get to take it off. Oh! How good that feels! So good that you let out a sigh of satisfaction. Similar to the satisfaction you get when that dick you’ve been craving the entire week finally enters you huh! Just a lot more intensely satisfying lol. Let’s look at this…you have been craving that dick and you’ve been telling him you need the dick but it’s all just words..what really tells him of what you’ve been saying is true?? That MOAN!! 

But hold on…from “sex and the city” to “zanes sex chronicles” there is the depiction of moaning in correlation to orgasms. And in correspondence to male Orgasm in particular. Isn’t it funny? So funny that there was a study conducted with over 70 heterosexual sexually active women and it was reported that 66% of them moan the speed up their partners Orgasm and 87% to boost their partners self esteem. Really?!!

There’s no smartness in faking a moan my dear. Remember, the moan is a wordless expression of how it feels. Moaning when there’s nothing to moan about tell him he’s doing everything right when in actuality he’s being shitty. At the end of the day, who is suffering? You the lady. He’s not satisfying you but you keep “telling” him he is and he keeps doing the same thing and the cycle just keeps going on and you get so sexually miserable and frustrated that you begin to get ugly!!

The bottom line here, my friend, is that MOAN when it feels good. Don’t keep the moan in! Doing so has been scientifically proven to diminish your orgasm btw.. so MOAN o my lady! Moan o my guy! Oh yeah.. you heard it.

My GUY moan to let her know she’s sucking that dick good. Ayoo. Me I talk am finish! 

Till the next one, Peace!

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