Is it possible???

All odds are against you, considering your background, your family, society, abilities, education
and other qualifications, you are wondering if it is possible to get to the top, succeed or even
achieve your goals. There is this believe in most homes that, if your predecessors could not, how
can you? In a manner of speaking, were viewed as more deserving than you. Imagine you want
to buy car or build a house then you look into your account and realize with your balance you
can’t even buy petrol or land to begin with and left with the question, is it possible? The answer
to this question is dependent on you and how you program your mindset to see things. It is
always possible. There people with no connections, education and means yet are making it, many
are still alive despite doctors confirming there is no way out, and others started their business
from nothing to something with no support. What is holding you back? What is your excuse?
What is preventing you?

In a football match between team A and B, team B scores the opponent 5:0 in the first half, the
referee does not forfeit the match just because one team is down by 5 goals and the team does
not give up till the entire game is over. The turns can always turn around. The real question to
ask is “Are you ready” to do what it takes, strive harder, wake up earlier, fight to the end, put in
your best? The gap between impossibility and possibility is YOU. It always starts with you. Only
you can define yourself by limitations and not social limitations. No one promised it would be
easy but each day that passes by with breathe in us is the universe giving us another opportunity
to make things right. It is not over until you are dead. Get up, get it done. Yes, it is possible!!! No
one in this world was given an advantage by default; we only use what we have and abilities to
keep us in the game. So go ahead and pursue that dream of yours you’ve been thinking about,
start that business, break that record and always go for Gold. Determination and hardwork will
surely get you there.


We only see through our eye and see with our mind, it does the interpretation or gives meaning to
what you seeing. That is how come we can all be in a room and asked what did we see first when we
entered, and get different answers though it’s the same room. What are you feeding your mind
Do not let some circumstances or limit what you aspire to do.

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