Don’t Allow Your Wife Eat These Foods During Pregnancy, They Can Harm The Unborn Baby. Save Your Baby Because…. Read More

Don’t Let Your Wife Eat These Foods During Pregnancy, They Can Harm The Baby

If you are married, your wife’ s state of health should be a huge priority to you. Prevents swings in new challenges in the life of every aspiring mother and father. That’ s why you have to pay adequate attention to your pregnant wife. You have to Look after her very well by making sure that she eats very well, have enough sleep and also in a good state.

You should understand that not all foods are good for a pregnant and aspiring mother. A pregnant woman is in delicate situation and she needs due care always. Every meal she consumes performs a specific task in her body.

As a pregnant woman, she is not supposed to be taking any kind of food. Because of this, you have to make sure that your pregnant wife doesn’ t take any of this foods

  1. Eggs (especially undercooked ones)

A bacteria known as Salmonella is always found in eggs that people consume. It causes ill health. If your pregnant wife is cleaving of egg, make sure she eats the one that is well cooked. The egg yolk should be completely solid in other to detach any form of salmonella that is present.

  1. Bush types of meat

Some people are still practicing this in some part of the country. A lot of bush meats we consume are filed with tiny parasites and if not well cooked, it can cause a big problem to the health. Bush meats often contains parasites known as ” toxoplasmosis” . This parasite causes infection that is extremely harmful to the foetus.

  1. Coffee, tea, soft drinks, and cocoa

A substance known as the caffeine is present in tea, soft drinks that we take, cocoa and also coffee. When you take any of these liquids, the caffeine is passed directly to the placenta, thereby causing harm to the unborn child. The baby’ s growth is limited and thereby causing an increase in the baby’ s weight.

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