Tree growing inside a man’s lung

A tree has sprouted within a man’s lungs.

During an operation for suspected cancer, surgeons discovered a fir tree growing inside a man’s lung.

When Russian doctors opened up Artyom Sidorkin, 28, to remove what they thought was a tumor, they discovered the 5cm tree.

Medical personnel suspect Mr. Sidorkin inhaled a seed that later sprouted into a small fir tree in his yard.

The patient had been coughing up blood and complaining of severe chest pain. Doctors concluded that he had cancer.

‘We were absolutely certain,’ said Vladimir Kamashev, a surgeon from Izhevsk in the Urals. ‘We took X-rays and discovered what seemed to be a tumor.’ We agreed on surgery because I had seen hundreds before.’

The surgeon investigated the man’s lung before extracting the majority of it.

‘Dr. Kamashev said, “I thought I was hallucinating.” “Come and see this – we’ve got a fir tree here,” I said, inviting my assistant to take a look.

‘He gave a startled nod. ‘I blinked three times, convinced I was seeing things.’

The tiny pine needles piercing blood capillaries, they claimed, were causing the blood coughing.

It was excruciatingly uncomfortable. However, I did not detect any foreign object inside my body.

In 2009, the report was published in the influential tabloid Komsomolskaya Gazeta and picked up by Russian news service Novosti.

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