Get Involved in the restructuring process of the Party – Jonas Bayor, TESCON COHK Secretary writes

JONAS BAYOR ( JB) the TESCON Secretary of College of Health, Kintampo and one of the promising young men the NPP can ever get gives his take on how the party can restructure to break the 8. Here’s what he got to say

Elections are great opportunities offered by the party’s constitution to correct mistake which were made four years ago .

I am therefore encouraging all party folks not to be disappointed in what we are currently going through but to play a pivotal role regardless of tribal lines and religious lines , most especially the youth of the party who are generational pillar of the party in deciding who should be elected as leaders of the party right away from polling station to national level.

Years back , some aspirants came from no where with sweet promises and cash to deceive delegates and youth to engage in all forms of dirty politics to have them voted into office to enriched themselves and also giving opportunities to people who do not believe in our party’s ideology, while the grassroots of the party are being left out

In our quest to break 8 years agenda starts from now and restructuring of the party’s leadership process can’t be left out, with Competent and well dedicated leadership who will put government appointees on their toes to be responsible to grassroots as well as creating job opportunities and giving other opportunities to the party grassroots, Without grassroots we wouldn’t have won 2020 election .

Every political party electoral success depends hugely on the youth and they must not be let down .
Breaking the eight years which is seen from our opponents point of view as unthinkable and non practicable since independence, it has never happened but with experience leadership and grassroot oriented MCEs and DCEs we will surely make the unthinkable happen .



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