Why do Muslims have those dark spots on their forehead? Read to know more

Islam is a religion of peace. It was derived from the Arabic word ‘ SALAM‘ meaning peace.

Islam has many rules which guides its believer on many aspects of life including prayer, how to talk, behave, sleep, walk, and sit.

However the main objective of this article is to enlighten you on the dark spot on the forehead of Muslims.

Many of us would have noticed a black spot on the forehead of a Muslim but some of us don’ t know what it actually means. Islam is actually built on 5 pillars. The second pillar of Islam is ‘ SOLAT‘ which means prayer and all male and female Muslim may follow Zibabah, which is the black spot. It shows as a result of observing prayers frequently. During frequent prayers as the head makes contact with the floor, a Muslim tends to get a dark spot on his forehead.

The compulsory number of prayers for Muslims is five times a day. A good Muslim may also perform other prayers which are not compulsory so a your head makes a minimum of twenty- five contacts a day with the floor. So, check out praying for one week, one month, or one year and lifetime. That is why the spot appears to be visible on every Muslim forehead.

Normally, the dark spot is more visible on some and faint on some others, the darker the spot the more devoted the individual is assumed to be serious in prayers. It is not too visible in some Muslims not because they don’ t pray.

According to the Prophet Muhammad(SAW), on judgment day, that spot will serve as a light for the prayerful when they were alive. So, the spot can not be faked and because only the faithful and devoted are real Muslims.

Whoever fake it or intentionally acquire the spot to impress will receive punishment on the day of judgment. Only Allah will differentiate between the fake and real.

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