European Super League, Chelsea and other clubs could face a ban

Chelsea are one of the teams involved in talks to join a European breakaway league.

On the European Super league:. The Competition will have 20 clubs . 15 of them will be in it anytime and 5 qualifying annually

The 15 founding clubs will get upwards of 300m initially and they’ll have a bigger piece of the pie if it moves forwards, so it may be a case of can’t stop the tide on our own so we might as well join in.

If it goes through, the European Super League will use the NBA model. The play-offs will have teams play 3 matches against each other – the first team to win 2 goes through. The aggregate score will NOT matter.

People involved as Organizers:

Chairman: Florentino Perez [Real Madrid]
Vice-Chairman: Stan Kroenke [Arsenal]
Vice-Chairman: Andrea Agnelli [Juventus]
Vice-Chairman: John W. Henry [Liverpool]
Vice-Chairman: Joel Glazer [Manchester United]

Clubs who have join

Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Inter Milan, AC Milan & Juventus.

The UEFA has no hand in it and will take steps to stop it and the Premier league also will try to prevent it’s clubs from Joining.

UEFA and Florentino Perez came to an agreement to change the format of the UCL
and not go on with the Super League project, but Real Madrid’s president worked behind the scenes and managed to convince 12 teams. He ‘backstabbed’ Ceferin.

But in order not accept changes Florentine Perez went behind UEFA to create his on super league and was able to convince some big clubs to join to prove to the UEFA that The teams can be on their own.

The Premier League wrote to clubs today saying its rules prevent clubs joining competitions without its approval and urging them to distance themselves from any Super League.

UEFA aslo released to the clubs. Statement from UEFA about the breakaway European Super League.

The clubs concerned could be banned from playing in any other competition, domestic, European or world level and players denied the opportunity to represent their national team.

All 12 clubs involved in the Super League would be BANNED from their domestic leagues if they pursue their project.

This has made many football Pundit in England very dissapointed and this is how they reacted

Neville Live on Sky to The 6 PL Clubs that signed up to the Super League Proposal- “they should be ashamed of themselves” Gary Neville: European Super League, are Arsenal in that?! They’ve just drawn with Fulham.”

Micah Richards: “I think it’s an absolute disgrace. What about the fans?”

Roy Keane: “It comes down to money and greed. Lets hope it is stopped in its tracks. It’s pure greed.”

English Football’s Big Six to reveal plans to join the Super League tonight at 9.30pm(UK TIME) According To The Mail.

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