See What Akuapem Poloo Will Receive After Jail

The son of Akuapem Poloo is going to get an amount of 6,000 Ghana cedis as his mother is in prison now.

She is also going to get a plot of land for free as a form of moral support for her being in jail for good 90 days and she would also be given 2,000 Ghana cedis for taking care of The son of Akuapem Poloo while she is in the prison.

Ayisha modi anounced this by saying ” her foundation together with others are funding the donation”.

I never believed what Ayisha Modi said though. She was calling Akuapem Poloo to be her daughter and this is amazing.

This woman is of a good heart because aside all this, she went ahead encouraging her that Akuapem Poloo .

She said Akuapem Poloo should not give up because : God is an able person who can turn all disgrace to grace and therefore :

Akuapem Poloo should move on because the future as we say is bright.

Netizens was very surprised as they heard Ayisha Modi say that.

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