‘He came to chop my hand off and also stab me in my thighs’-Young man cries out

News going around currently indicates that a young man has had his hand and some other parts of his body chopped off. This young man was live on Angel TV to explain his ordeal to the world and also call for some help.

According to the man identified as Kojo, he was in an amorous relationship with a certain lady, Akosua Janet whose Dad wasn’t really okay about their relationship. Due to that the lady’s father has tried several ways to eliminate Kojo and it’s really sad.

According to Kojo, Janet got pregnant and her father asked her to abort the pregnancy in order to bring the relationship between the lovers to an abrupt end. The lady refused and since then the torment has been too much.
Janet’s father recently went to Kojo’s house and chopped his hand off and also stab him in several places such as his thighs.

According to Kojo, he doesn’t know when he’ll be killed that’s why he’s come on live TV to tell the world so that if he’s dead anyday, we hold Janet’s father responsible.

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