Why You Can Not Conceives:Use Paulina Pinnata Akans Normally Call It(Tuantini) With These 2 Things

Most of us as men are just suffering when it comes to performance in bed. When a man ejaculates soo quickly before the woman does, it does not foster easy fertilization of the male sperm and female egg. Also when a man after ejaculation, cannot maintain a 1 minute copulation to ensure sperms are properly pushed to extreme and your woman gets up, everything (sperms) comes out instead. Ladies are therefore advice to always remain lying down for some few minutes before you get up.

With the case of low sperm count, thus when you cannot produce enough sperms needed for pregnancy, get the below items;u

1. Paulina pinnata roots ( the Akans call it “tuatini)

2. Tiger nut

3. Cocoa nut tree roots

Now bring these items together and boil for 30 to 45 minutes. Sieve the decoction and drink a tout in the morning, afternoon and evening for 1 week and see how best you can stand on feet as a man. Do this to solve premature ejaculation and low sperm count and conceive easily.

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