See What Thomas Tuchel says Ahead of FA cup semi-finals

🎙Thomas Tuchel’s Full Pre-Man City Press Conference:

🔹Thomas Tuchel says Pep Guardiola has had a ‘huge influence’ on him and was ‘very impressed’ by the way and style he played during his time at Barcelona.

🔹Thomas Tuchel says #Chelsea have to accept there is a gap between them and Man City, says ‘it is important’ without making them too small.

🔹Thomas Tuchel says Chelsea will ‘hunt’ Man City down from day one next season to close the gap.

🔹Thomas Tuchel says Chelsea ‘truly believe’ they can close the gap and compete against Man City tomorrow.

🔹Thomas Tuchel says Chelsea don’t expect the game to be like chess tomorrow – discusses the intensity and expects a ‘physically high demanding’ match tomorrow.

🔹Thomas Tuchel says Chelsea have to be on point tomorrow to hurt Man City tomorrow.

🔹Thomas Tuchel says Chelsea need to play with courage and braveness, and to be adventurous at Wembley.

🔹Thomas Tuchel says Chelsea are in a ‘good moment’ and was ‘very proud’ to complete the job against Porto in midweek.

🔹Thomas Tuchel on Man City: “From day one next season we will hunt them and try to close the game. In Europe, there are two teams that are the benchmark: Manchester City and Bayern Munich.”

🔹Tuchel: “So I expect a high intensity match. City define themselves with a clear DNA and style. They want the ball and high ball recoveries. We want that too so we have to fight for these moments and make them suffer.”

🔹Thomas Tuchel: “If we manage to beat Manchester City it will be a huge boost if not we will have to take it as a challenge and opportunity to grow because we have big fights coming up.”

🔹Thomas Tuchel says Kai Havertz/Mason Mount/Christian Pulisic ‘delivered’ in the last two games – ‘others need to fight’ for their spots.

🔹Thomas Tuchel says the Chelsea players who have lacked minutes need to ‘put their egos aside’ and to ‘fight hard’ for their places in the team.

🔹Thomas Tuchel says Chelsea have a tight schedule and can’t drop one per cent.

🔹Thomas Tuchel on injuries: “We have the green light for N’Golo tomorrow. Mateo is out, feeling better but still out. Andreas is also out.”

🔹Thomas Tuchel says he adapts to the quality of the players at the club.

🔹Tuchel on Pulisic: “Pulisic has made HUGE progress in the last few games. His self-confidence is good, he is being aware that I trust him. He is a key player, a huge player. He has a huge impact physically, and dribbling, and stepping up into the box.

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