PHOTOS OF 23-Year-Old Big Boy Flaunts New Mercedes Benz 5 Months After EFCC Seized 2 Benz.

EFCC to court and the case his been in court for a couple of months now.

However, not minding that his car was seized, the 23 years old decided to splash millions of naira on the first of March to acquire a new Mercedes Benz which is even bigger than the seized on.

Since he bought the car, the young man has been flaunting it online on his Instagram page despite advice from fans to take away his luxurious lifestyle off social media, which was the main reason he attracted the attention of EFCC months ago.

Check Out Some Recent Photos Of Him Showing His Luxurious Lifestyle And Flaunting The 17 Million Naira Worth Benz Below:-

However, his age which he says is 23 is a very big doubt to most people online as they claim he is older than 23. On that note, the young man decided to share something more like a proof by making a video of his mother telling him his date of birth and the mother said he was born on 14th of March 1998.

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