Breaking News: Akuapem Poloo To Spend 3 Month In Jail After Releasing A Naked Photo With Her Son. She Has A Hot Message From Jail To Ghanaians.

Breaking: Akuapem Poloo To Spend 3 Month In Jail After Releasing A Naked Photo With Her Son

Rosemond Brown, popularly known as Akuapem Poloo has been in the news for quite a long time where a picture of her and her 7-year-old son was going viral on the internet, according to picture, she was seen naked holding the hand of her son which violates the rules of the constitution of Ghana.
She was criticized several times by people both on the internet, radio and television.

It was reported that she was arrested and sent to court to face the law court in Accra. She denied at the first place that she did such a thing on the birthday of her son. She went back to the court and made it clear to the court that she did such a thing by the advice of her mother.

Many big people and celebrities got into the issue where they pleaded the court to free her just to take care of her son.

But report reaching our premises states that Akuapem Poloo has been sentenced to prison for 90 days which is 3 months after posting a naked picture with her 7-year-old boy.
Stay tuned for more update.

This sentence has caused a lot stir on social media

Here are comments from social media

Well a lot of parents fall guilty to this crime . Unfortunately yours went public. Ghana has done nothing. That’s your punishment,face the law. It’s sad💔yes it is. What she did was wrong. Let’s not massage it. My only worry is the more effect it will have on the child. Ghana we Dey, not every crime is for everyone so beware, don’t follow the crowd and say people have done it !

No one should enter my dm to defend this nonsense!
What at all is your problem? Ghanaians and hypocrisy!

I remember last year a lot of people criticized that act. Retweeted,shared,commented and TV’s all showed it with condemnation. Now the effects of your acts it’s into fusion because it’s our attitude that made it a national issue. Today it’s condemned and you’re now sad for her she’s a single parent. You are all to blame. Go bed. And pray the boy don’t live to regret,hate himself or become something else .

Look I’ve seen my mom naked before. I even bathed with her. Those asking. Now after all these who saw??
Was it in social media.?
And is our private life a social thing?? No . So her private matter shouldn’t be in public. ! I repeat,SHE DESERVES IT and she knows it.
Same people asking will be the same people to condemn and judge me if you see the nakedness of my mom and I on my watsup status not even on FB,IG talk more of Twitter. Cowards. Say the truth!

If it’s good why don’t you all stop asking and do the same thing??
If someone was bold enough to post such a pic with a child don’t you think the court will say it’s normal and let her go??
Come on, nobody did it. Wise up. Let’s not let modernization take control of our sanity! If it’s cool do it. Don’t talk . The court was even lenient on her.

@Polo this humanity for us no one commented on this but look at what’s happening🥴🥴🥴so sad I guess😥😥 😥

If someone had said Polo that was massive and you looked good in that
It might have averted today

Below are some comments debate on Phoenix

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