Meet Franky Kuri, the lady who died with Ebony Reigns.

Ghana has got a lot of sad days of losing some of her great and promising stars and entertainers starting from Suzzy Williams to 90’s bad gyal Ebony Reigns.

On February 8th 2018 most Ghanaians melted down hearing about the death of Ebony Reigns. Our budding artiste lost her life in a gory accident alongsise Franky Kuri and an un identified military man.

Today let’s take a look at Franky Kuri 90’s bad gyal’s friend who died alongside her.
Franky was also a promising young girl who had been through a lot in life

Amidst all of the stories surrounding the death of the 90s Bad Gyal, we want to take some time to also talk about the other lady who was with her.
Franky was all around the world of twitter due to her been outspoken and active on all opinionated handles. She even had her YouTube channel where she made videos on celebrities and stories of latest trends.

Franky Kuri was always with Ebony practically everywhere she went. According to sources, Franky and Ebony lived together.

The world of Twitter will, however, be the ones to have suffered most from this loss due to the fact that she was very outspoken on Twitter and was one of the very opinionated and active handles.

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