Why No King Of Asante Crosses The River Pra:An In-depth Knowledge

The Pra River is the easternmost and largest of Ghana’s three major rivers. The Pra acted as a frontier between the Ashanti Confederacy and the Gold Coast in the nineteenth century.

There‚Äôs a reason why all leaders of Asante swore to never cross River Pra into Akyem. Asante’s founder, Osei Tutu, was shot in his canoe by a battalion of Akyem soldiers while crossing River Pra.

Historians has it that the founder of the Ashanti Kingdom was led into ambush in his attempt to win and expand his authority over the Akyem territory. Many souls were lost that day on the river. Only a few of the Asante royal guards returned back home with the news.

If one believes it or not, the messengers confirmed to Asante’s elders that the King was so horrified that he cried out before dying, regretting not listening to his Chief Priest, Okomfo Anokye, who advised him to stay in Kumasi and be fully armed at all times.

According to historians the aim of the “Non-Crossing” ritual was to pay tribute to Asante’s founder. The main objective of Non-Crossing crossing ritual was to remind all leaders of their inherent weakness when venturing into unknown territory unprepared.

Every occupant of the Golden Stool is prohibited to cross the Pra River until this day.

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