Sad News: Woman Found Dead In An Uncompleted Church Building

Akosua Agyeiwaa who is thirty five years was found dead in an uncompleted church building. This sad incident occured Kwabre East in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

They claimed the uncompleted church building was a property of a Baptist Church in the district.

The mother of the deceased said in an interview that her daughter came and told her that she was going for preaching duties, but the mother knew there wasn’t any preaching duties in the church’s program but she ignored.

It was some of the constructor who were working in the uncompleted that revealed that someone was dead in the building.

They then identity the body and told the mother of this sad incident. The people believed that the deceased was kill. This was because the head of the deceased was slammed with a block and was left in a pool of blood.

The police in the district said there hasn’t been such incident in the district before so they will do their best about this issue and arrest the person behind this incident.

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