A sad news reaching us is that ucc satellite campus has lost a student few days to end of semester exams through a brutal car accident.

From our reporters, A sprinter from Accra heading towards Takoradi off Accra_winneba road knocked down a student from Ucc satellite campus nduom by the road side when she was coming back to the school after buying some food stuffs from the next town with her friends. The girl was walking with her friends back to the school chatting and laughing but unfortunately for them a sprinter tried to overtake a car unknowingly to the driver that the girls were walking on the other side. Others were able to swerve and the driver also tried his best but unfortunately a soul was knocked down and it happened just this last Saturday.

The girl was then rushed to the hospital and pronoused dead today. According to rumours, the girl wasn’t sent to the hospital early.

It was said that she died because of internal bleeding. Sad news

We asked the students why will they go all the way to the next town to buy food stuffs and one said crying that if not for common market, their mate will still be alive by now. They said they have complained to the school authorities to open a market in the school but the authorities always say next semester without thinking about the danger they are exposed to.

In conclusion leaders of all positions please we beg you in the name of God, if for nothing at all let’s your subordinates be your priority because if they are not there you won’t be at that position.

To our notice, the students are mourning due to the death of their lost sister. They even organized a memorial service in loving memory of her.

The pictures below represents the students moving in their numbers to the memorial ground.

may our dear friend soul rest in peace. Let the Almighty God recieve her spirit and welcome her into Our Father Abraham’s bossom 🙏🙏.

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