I Do Not Wear Inner Pants,Female Celebrity Confesses

Joan Obwaka famously known as Yummy mummy is a digital content Creator and celebrated personality in Kenya. She is a mother of three kids; Ethan, Keni and Tana. She is one of the most gorgeous female celebrities and her stunning beauty has always excited netizens. Her choice of fashion is on another level as she rocks in the most elegant fashion outfits which go well with the shape of her body hence her feminine beauty is appreciated by many.

Yummy Mummy is known to take the internet by storm from her latest posts which always go viral sparking reactions online. Yummy Yummy’ s latest Instagram post has raised concerns online as she has revealed that nowadays she don’ t wear shapewear at all. She highlights that she finds bras and underwears too much constrictive hence she is comfortable without them. She adds that she does not wear them unless she feels that there is a need to do so because she has lived all her life believing that good girls are the ones who wear bras and underwears.

According to Yummy Yummy, she says that she does not live according to what the society wants but according to what she believes it is true and this is the guiding principle she has decided to live with while doing her own personal things. She then when to explain that people want to make money out of women for selling to them shapewares, push up bras. yummy mummy then said she only wear them when their is need for her to wear them.

Kenyans ganged up against Yummy mummy in her latest post saying that it is important to be in the two outfits that define a good woman. Netizens highlighted that she has started misleading young girls since she lost her weight.

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