Check out these Ghanaians that are in Guinness book of records.

Check out these Ghanaians that are in Guinness book of records.

Hey guys, ever wondered whether there are any Ghanaians in the Guinness book of records?

What’s Guinness book of records?
Well, this book is a book of reference published yearly which lines up achievements and extremes made by people in this world.
To confirm let’s take a look at Ghanaians repping live in this book of records.

Oppong Dickson( waterman)

Oppong Dickson popularly called waterman has grounded to the top to rep Ghana.
“Waterman” achieved this title due to the fact that he was able to spray water out of his mouth uninterruptedly for a period of 32.65 seconds. He did this wonderful act in Beijing, China on December 6th 2012.
Currently he’s been overthrown by Yilma Kirubel with a record holding of 56.36 seconds who is from Ethiopia.

Ferdie Ato Adoboe:

Adoboe became a record holder of a 100m race of time of 13.6 seconds in the USA on July 25 1991.

Kevin Prince Boateng and Jerome Boateng:

wondering what record these two brothers hold. This would amaze you, these brothers hold a record of been the first two brothers to play against each other in a FIFA world cup. They played against each other in South Africa World cup in June 23 2010.
Kevin Prince Boateng played for Ghana whiles he’s brother played for Germany. Even though these brothers enjoyed childhood together they chose to represent two nationalities.

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